Highland Cows – “Mommy & Me Duo” Style Painting (PDF Download & Online Version Are Both Ready!!)

This super adorable tutorial shows you how to paint a “duo” painting of two highland cows (a mom or dad highland and a calf). This painting also works as a single design. You can paint one cow or both on one canvas! There are traceables as well as instructions for how to draw the cows.

Note: There is an email that was sent out with instructions for accessing this tutorial! There was a temporary server issue with the online version of the tutorial but that has been resolved. Because the instructions for this have SO many pictures & text, it is in a PDF format.

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New PDF Version & Online Version!- “Owl Always Love You”

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This is an oldie but goodie painting! Original created in 2018, the video is an older video with text and music but still shows me demonstrating the painting! This tutorial also comes with tracers in different canvas sizes & a PDF instructional download. There is also an online version to this you can view.

The painting works great as a mommy & me painting! For the quote, I used a gold sharpie, however a paint pen works great too!

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