Highland Cows – “Mommy & Me Duo” Style Painting (PDF Download & Online Version Are Both Ready!!)

This super adorable tutorial shows you how to paint a “duo” painting of two highland cows (a mom or dad highland and a calf). This painting also works as a single design. You can paint one cow or both on one canvas! There are traceables as well as instructions for how to draw the cows.

Note: There is an email that was sent out with instructions for accessing this tutorial! There was a temporary server issue with the online version of the tutorial but that has been resolved. Because the instructions for this have SO many pictures & text, it is in a PDF format.

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Couples Tropical Sunset

Have a painting date night at home! Learn how to paint a beautiful tropical sunset over a lagoon with a sailboat sailing on a romantic lagoon. This acrylic canvas tutorial is intended to be a “couples” painting where you and your partner can paint side by side and, in the end, fit your two paintings together.