Basic Leaf Painting Techniques

This “mini tutorial” is exclusive to the membership!

It includes a 22 minute video of Tracie demonstrating four different leaf techniques you can do with a round brush. Learn an in depth approach to how to load the paint, mix different greens on your palette and how to do different brush strokes to create different styles of leaves in your paintings.

How To Paint Tree Branches

Practice your tree branch painting skills with this mini tutorial. Tracie will guide you through the steps of how to paint basic tree branches using black paint and an angle brush.

How To Paint A Pine Tree With Snow

This mini tutorial will show you three different ways, with three different brushes, how to paint a simple pine tree with snow! This is also a great painting you can do for Christmas because you can customize the background and add fun ornaments to the tree! (Note: this one does not have a long version video).