Northern Lights

This step by step acrylic painting tutorial will show you an easy way of How to paint Northern lights also known as the Aurora Borealis!

Harvest Moon Path

Learn to paint a path in a park under fall trees with two lampposts and a harvest moon in the sky! I would love to take a stroll down this park and smell the crisp fall air! It looks like it might have rained and cleared.

Snowman Sunset

Paint a pretty and romantic sunset scene with two snow people. This painting utilizes a minimal color palette with no required traceable.

How To Paint A Pine Tree With Snow

This mini tutorial will show you three different ways, with three different brushes, how to paint a simple pine tree with snow! This is also a great painting you can do for Christmas because you can customize the background and add fun ornaments to the tree! (Note: this one does not have a long version video).